2019-2020 Collection


Ambiance Furs has been an excellent source of impeccable craftmanship, timeless styles, and even jaw-dropping fashion when it comes to EVERYTHING FUR.  A proud member of the fashion industry for over 20 years, we bring to you the finest collection of Furs at the Best Prices and Custom Designs.  Where others might be intimidated, we love to play with colors… so no color is too much to ask – AMBIANCE IS EVERYTHING!

ANYTHING YOU DESIRE: Mink, Russian Sable, Natural Chinchilla, Silver Fox, Crystal Fox, Natural Red Fox, Japanese Fox, Sheared Mink or Beaver, Any Origin of Fox, Fisher, Beaver, Coyote, Artic Wolf, Broadtail, Persian Lamb, Black GLAMA, Tanuki, Stoles and Capes, Vests, ELLABORATE Hooded Garments and we go on and on…… EVERYTHING FUR!